Introduction to TEDx Youth @ EIS-J


Welcome to the TEDxYouthDay at Emirates International School – Jumeirah website. Here, you can browse through everything that went into the preparation leading up to the event including the promotion, the team and the event itself.

However, over time, as students such as myself were given leadership positions and started fulfilling our respective responsibilities, we began to take pride in the event; it became part of our daily routine.

And coincidentally, our theme happened to be ‘We Are One’! Working towards a common goal has not only brought our team together, but the entire two senior batches and in doing so, WE HAVE BECOME ONE!

We at Emirates International School - Jumeirah welcome you to being part of the first ever TEDxYouth Event in the United Arab Emirates, organized entirely by students - come, join us in making history, BE THERE!

The TEDxEisj team has put a lot of effort into putting this website together. We hope you enjoy browsing through it and I urge all of you to leave a comment behind. - Nikhil Punwaney, TEDxYouth@Eisj Team Leader

Improve your:




achy joints




cravings for sugar and carbs

digestive issues (IBS, acid reflux, constipation, etc.)

blood sugar issues (hypoglycemia and type II diabetes)

hyper- or hypo- active thyroid